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UTEcon provides various types of data products

Values of UTEcon Data Products

UTEcon helps companies and organizations make better decisions through utilizing academic knowledge in economics and computer science and developing high value-added data products from different bigdata owned by database companies.

Our Products

Nikkei-UTEcon Consumables Market Forecast

Enable proactive business operations by sales forecast based on Nikkei POS

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Nikkei-UTEcon Daily Economic Indicator

The daily-updated business indicator based on The Nikkei’s article data enables immediate overviews of economic trends.

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the tool for grasping the situation about gender wage gap in each company

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Nikkei-UTEcon Daily Economic Indicator Published as of the end of February 2024.



Nikkei-UTEcon Consumables Market Forecast Released February 2024 Edition.



Nikkei-UTEcon Daily Economic Indicator Published as of the end of January 2024.



Nikkei-UTEcon Consumables Market Forecast Released January 2024 Edition.

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About UTEcon

UTokyo Economic Consulting Inc. (UTEcon) is an economic consulting firm that offers a wide range of economic consulting services to businesses, governments, international organizations, NGOs, and law firms. UTEcon was founded in August 2020 with close ties with the Graduate School of Economics, the University of Tokyo.

UTEcon offers solutions for client-specific problems and provides reliable analyses taking advantage of the expertise of the faculty members of the University of Tokyo and those of the firm’s own experts in economics, accounting, finance, marketing, and machine learning. With the firm’s wide range of practices, we can provide the best-fit solutions to our clients' needs. Our services include demand forecasting and pricing, policy evaluation, machine-learning based prediction of bankruptcy and accounting fraud, market design, antitrust-related analysis, nowcasting, and quantitative and behavioral marketing.