Nikkei-UTEcon Consumables Market Forecast Released March 2024 Edition.

Nikkei-UTEcon Consumables Market Forecast Released March 2024 Edition!

UTEcon analyzes the Nikkei POS data and provides monthly sales forecasts.

You can utilize the service for revising manufacturing plan, specifying growing markets etc.

There are five characteristics.

  1. 217 categories and a wide range of consumer goods
    Forecasts are made for each of the 217 categories (referred to as “Large categories” in Nikkei POS Information) of 36 genres of consumer goods provided by Nikkei POS data.
  2. High Forecasting Accuracy
    In about 70% of the categories, the average annual error rate is within 15%.
  3. Monthly updates and forecasts up to 6 months ahead
    Updated monthly to forecast sales per thousand customers up to 6 months ahead and percentage change from last year.
  4. Forecasts by manufacturer and region
    Forecasts are provided for the top three manufacturers in each category as well as for 10 regions nationwide.
  5. You can purchase only the reports you need
    Annual contracts  and one-time purchases for individual categories are available.

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